• A Standard Home Inspection includes visual and physical inspection of all major components of a home or building. During the inspection the inspector will compile information regarding the home to later be written into the inspection report. This will provide an understanding of condition of the house as well as its included appliances and systems. The written report will be furnished to you typically within 24 hours after the inspection takes place. While going through the house with the inspector the following areas will be examined.
      • Roof and Ventilation
      • Exterior Walls
      • Exterior Grounds Around Home
      • Attached Garage
      • Attic
      • Bathrooms
      • Fireplace (visual only)
      • General Interior
      • Kitchen
      • Laundry
      • Heating System
      • Air Conditioner
      • Domestic Water Heater
      • Electrical System
      • Plumbing system
      • Basement

      In addition to inspection services, testing is also available for the property. The available tests are listed below along with their pricing.

        –  $300
    • Pest Inspection                      –  $100
    • Radon Testing                        –  $100
    • Well Flow Test                       –  $75
    • Water Purity Test                   –  $100
    • FHA Water Test                     –  $200
    • Septic Dye Test                     –  FREE – with complete inspection
    • Walk Through Inspection       –  $200

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